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This just in from WA State Arts Commission…
Now’s the time to pony up and support what you love in Washington state!

July 1 begins a new fiscal year for WSAC and the budget realities here aren’t good. Our state funding is down 26%, requiring the Commission to make tough choices to reduce spending and trim expenses. Compared with last year’s spending, this year brings the following changes:

39% reduction in general operating support grants
6% reduction in project support grants
17% reduction in arts in education grants
Elimination of Professional Development Assistance Program
Cutting back on Folk Arts Projects
9% reduction in administrative expenses
52% reduction in Commissioner meeting costs
Staffing reduction from 17.6 to 15.1 FTEs (Full Time Equivalents)

Even with limited funds, it’s important that we seek to reach all parts of the state. Grants to organizations – including general operating support, project support, and Art Jobs Support – now consider geographic service/outreach as criteria for funding. We are maintaining a strong commitment to ensure that our grants are distributed through processes that are fair and efficient. And so that the return on our investments is well-documented, we now have more specific reporting requirements about the public benefit that results from WSAC funding.

Some organizations we’ve long funded will not be receiving general operating support this year. The cuts are less severe for Project Support grants , although we anticipate more applications – and more competition in this category. And thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts, we have one-time funding for Art Jobs Support , an initiative to support the arts workforce. (Note that applications are due Monday, July 13.)

We’re grateful to you for fending off deeper cuts to our state funding, and for putting WSAC funds to work to provide meaningful arts experiences across the state. As the economy recovers – and it will – we need to work together to build a strong future for the arts.

Kris Tucker, Executive Director

For those of you who want to make a donation to the Film Forum, here’s where. And thanks for your support!


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