Original 1969 reviews of “Downhill Racer”


For me, Robert Redford has become one of those actors whose off-screen persona has come to dominate his on-screen one. Similar to how I feel about Vincent Gallo, Redford’s films have a vanity project feel to them for me, and he never feels truly lost in the parts he plays, though I still enjoy many of them.

It seems in 1969 that sort of character-actor link was already of interest to reviewers. I love how in this article he claims that “image is not a word in my vocabulary.” (I also love
that he is still sporting the Sundance Kid ‘stache.) Click for bigger image.

Curiously, in this different review in the NY Times, Roger Greenspun writes, “But Robert Redford positively gains through being as yet a little unformed as an actor. In the abstract David’s [his Downhill character] life is a search for an enviable image, and, as an ultimate irony, he ends up looking at himself.” How prescient.


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