Original 1969 review for “Topaz” and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”


Warning! This New York Times review does reveal the dramatic ending of Majesty’s in the final paragraph, though I think the film will still be thoroughly entertaining despite the admission.

Interesting that the Bond franchise was still cleanly seen as a “spoof” spy series at this point, despite the serious ending to this one. I wonder what A.H. Weiler would have thought of Austin Powers, or the original Casino Royale.

And I can’t resist posting a portion of this delightfully snooty piece by Vincent Canby on how to sound like a full-time cinephile among your friends, when you are in truth only a weekend-warrior cinephile.

Note that Canby found Topaz to cryptically be “one of those rare movies existing beyond criticism that would label a movie good or bad.” (And that he found it to be “fascinating, perverse, funny”)


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