What they’re saying about the Film Forum


The most amazing thing about the show of support we’ve gotten in the past few days is the “thank you” notes sent back in response to OUR “thank you” notes! Check out what some people have said:

“u are an amazing presence in that town”

“It’s nice that looking at my budget I can hit three birds with one stone NWFF stone. I can fulfill my personal commitment to charitable giving, reduce my “entertainment” costs with the membership discounts, and funnel my money towards the local businesses that need it most right now. I’ll be darned if I’ll help AMC or Loews make it through the recession before I help NWFF get through it.”

“You guys are the backbone of the Seattle film community. It is therefore essential for you to remain here to remain strong.”

“About 35 years ago I got to see the film Dillinger is Dead in Italy at a special showing by the organization that runs the Venice Film Festival. I was living in Venice at the time. It made a big impression on me and is one of the many reasons why I grew to love cinema so much. I was so thrilled that iit s coming to NWFF because it is one of those movies that I thought I would never ever see again. I have had many priceless moments at NWFF and I am glad to be able to make a small contribution in honor of the wonderful films I have seen there. So thank you.”

“NWFF helped got me started in the film industry. I’m very grateful.”

“you are all such a Valuable and important part of Seattle life.”


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