How times have changed: Vincent Canby on art house distribution in 1969


Here’s a great article that is sort-of about Mississippi Mermaid (which plays the Film Forum this Friday, August 14 through August 20 as part of our year-long 69 series), but really it’s about Vincent Canby complaining—er, discussing?—the perils of art house distribution, and how worthy films get lost in the shuffle due to mismanagement, lack of funds, and shoddy press kits.

Good thing small distributors don’t have these kind of challenges anymore forty years on. I can’t help but think that instead of directing his anger toward the distributors, Mr. Canby’s influence might have been better served to try to get more powerful companies to pay attention to French film that have box office potential, or to encourage the smaller companies that their marketing efforts are not in vain. (I might also suggest you compare this piece to this article from July 2009.)

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