Sprinting toward the finish – help us reach $70,000!


Help us reach our goal of raising $70,000 by August 15! We are just two days away and though the response so far has been mighty, we still need your help and support in this final push.

We have you to thank for our success so far. Since two weeks ago, when we sent out our first letter asking for your help with our budget shortfall, you have come in with checks and cash, you have responded to appeals made before film screenings, you have made gifts delivered through our website (www.nwfilmforum.org). You have spread the word through your blogs and Facebook pages. You have helped. You have taken us, in fact, up to the halfway mark.

Today our total stands at $35,000, and with two days left to August 15 we are writing you again to say that we believe, and we hope you believe too. Your gifts are helping us keep our doors open, our lights on, the programs you love running and the independent films that make this city unique continue to find a home.

Please make your $10 contribution today. And please continue to spread the word. We have been inspired, these past two weeks, by what you are doing. Thank you.

Lyall Bush
Executive Director

P.S. You can also help the Film Forum and see some incredible French cinema from 1969 (or an encore presentation of the design doc Objectified). See our movie listings here.


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