Ted Kennedy Tribute


I was saddened to hear of Senator Kennedy’s passing today and was reminded of the Ken Burns tribute that screened at the DNC convention nearly one year ago. As a fitting tribute I’m posting it here.



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  1. donna Says:

    This Godless murderer finally got what he deserved. I am so thankful I will never turn on my tv and hear his evil angry, voice ranting and raging on. He has finally been silenced. may God have mercy on his soul.

  2. Adam Says:

    I have to say you’re being a little insensitive Donna, and frankly to evoke God here in such a hateful way is more Godless than Mr. Kennedy ever was.

  3. Tony Says:

    Here is a tribute page we made for him. Contribute a thought if you have a moment:


    He will be missed.


  4. KB Says:

    In response to Donna’s comment:

    Finally got what he deserved? His evil angry voice ranting and raging on?

    As Rep. Barney Frank recently said, “On what planet do you reside?”

    Ease up a little Donna…if you believe in God….then you know that only he/she can pass judgment.

    Lord help us all if our lives are judged from one (1) single event…and not the whole body of our lives.

    The man is dead….have some respect!

  5. SpringMagnolia Says:

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has witnessed the longest storm ever with Senator Edward M Kennedy. The storms path lasted from 1962 to 2009. This storm has regrettably died out but the path it took and all the changes made will always be remembered in his legacy.

  6. Robert Brent Says:

    Ted Kennedy was a man of many paradoxes. Obviously, he did things in his life that were indefensible, and that most of us would never, ever get away with. On the other hand, his years upon years of tireless legislation, and advocacy certainly did leave the country better off than he found it.

    Learn about his life and add events that we missed at: http://timelines.com/topics/edward-kennedy

  7. jack Says:

    good riddence

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