Two “excellent” docs, taken from the headlines


The Seattle Times on locally made Arid Lands:

“A clear-thinking portrait of our state…makes excellent viewing for any Washingtonian seeking to further understand the complexities of the region once considered a nuclear wasteland.”

And here’s a few reasons to check out Burma VJ:

“An excellent portrayal of recent events told in a unique way, through uncommon means. Burma VJ sheds light on the history of people who are displeased yet too scared to speak out.” –NW Asian Weekly

“This screening of Burma VJ could not come at a more crucial time. With elections coming up next year we can expect more demonstrations such as the Saffron Revolution to take root once again” –International Examiner

“SW Pick: Burma VJ takes us on a roller coaster of alternating hope and despair as the young guerrilla reporters, always on the lookout for ubiquitous informers, wade into the thick of the struggle with Handycams hidden in bags…” –Seattle Weekly


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