Washington Grown at the Grand Illusion this weekend


This week, The Grand Illusion Cinema begins a three-week long festival of local film with WASHINGTON GROWN. Blue-Tarp Campers, Roadside Wood Carvers and truly Northwest filmmakers: welcome to Washington! For the last several months, the staff of The Grand Illusion Cinema has been sifting through a spectacular amount of amazing films grown right here at home and now they’re ready to bring you the best! Join us for a three celebration of our state’s comedy, avant-garde and horror, beginning with a full week devoted to fabulous funnies, and the return of Late Nights with EFFING BRUTAL.

This first week features two separate line-ups playing daily, starting with LOCAL LAUGHS, a collection of comedy shorts from local independents like Cro-Magnon Pictures, director David Miller, screen writer Winda Benedetti and 47 North Productions; followed by FRINGE FAVORITES, showcasing the best of Seattle’s avant-garde comedy including work by director Brian Labrecque, comedic duo Black Daisy, The Beta Society and the adults-only animated shorts of Paste Dogg.

Friday September 4th – Thursday September 10th

Directors: Various
SHOWS daily at 7pm
PLUS 3pm Saturday & Sunday

SHOWS daily at 9pm
PLUS 5pm Saturday & Sunday

PLEASE NOTE: No 7pm and 9pm shows on Sunday September 13th!

Cover your crotch and hold on to your shabby wig as we dive into the disturbing sub-culture of cross-dressers and urban cults. Set in Seattle, EFFING BRUTAL is the illustrated sequel to Brian Lebrecque’s infamous short film FAR TOO GONE, continuing the adventures of Josh Lowell; a Tori Amos fan who thinks he IS Tori Amos. In this new feature length film Josh and his chronically bleeding Kung-Fu sidekick Larry inadvertently join a transvestite cult known as The Strict Nine, at war with a violent skateboarder cult called the V.O.T.S. (Victims Of The System). In the midst of this alternative cult war, Josh is kidnapped by the V.O.T.S. and in order to rescue him, Larry must call upon an unlikely team of superheroes: TEAM BRUTAL a collection of ketamine fueled psychopaths, drama queens and social outcasts…

Friday September 4th & Saturday September 5th

Director: Brian Labrecque
(2009 / USA / Color / video / 110 min.)
SHOWS at 11pm ONLY!

Check out the offical website: http://www.grandillusioncinema.org/washingtongrown/

The Grand Illusion Cinema
1403 NE 50th St
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 523.3935


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