Reports from TIFF


We received two dispatches from our member Glann Fox who’s attending the Toronto International Film Festival right now. Glenn has graciously offered to send us a couple of reports from his cinematic travels. Here’s the first two.

At the movies, I thought the two Mark Lewis films were disappointing.  Nothing special.  But the L’ENFER DE HENRI-GEORGES CLOUZOT was very interesting.  I know it’s only day one, but Romy Schneider’s face will be the signature image of this festival for me.  It’s easy to see why Serge Bromberg was the hit of the Telluride Film Festival – he is a great character – very entertaining.  There was a problem though – the footage of the original Clouzot film is wonderful and the soundtrack music in this film is perfection, but I didn’t like all the interview footage.  Personally, I would have left most of the interview voices in, but I would have put the voices over images from the film.  I found cutting back to Costa-Gavras (etc.) absolutely infuriating.  But the movie has a pull that is undeniable.  Oh, and there is this fantastic footage of the male lead watching Schneider water-ski with her boyfriend driving the speed boat and the lake is red!

This is a statement I never imagined writing.  My favorite film at TIFF so far is directed by Olivier Assayas’s girlfriend, who couldn’t come to the festival because at any moment she is about to give birth to his child.  Wow.  LE PERE DE MES ENFANTS.  Wonderful.  Felt a little like an Assayas film – only lacked his liquid camera (best in the world).  Shocking that such a young director – her second feature – could possibly pull this off.  Her name is Mia Hansen-Love and she played a 16 year old in his LATE AUTUMN, EARLY SEPTEMBER.

Also feel strongly about EYES WIDE OPEN – the gay film from Israel.

My feelings about new films by Tsai Ming-liang, Lars Von Trier and Gaspar Noe are way too complex for me to address here, but lets just say I didn’t like them.  I did like a lot of the Von Trier, but hated the last 20 minutes and when the dedication came up after the last image, I literally wanted to punch him in the face.  I realize that’s, of course, exactly what he wants.


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