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TIFF update from our man in Toronto

September 17, 2009

This just in from exclusive NWFF insider, Glenn Fox, from Toronto International Film Festival:

Often at TIFF I feel like I’m at my own little film festival (a very crowded one) that has nothing to do with the film festival I see in the newspaper every morning. The newspaper is all red carpet and all celebrity filled parties. I’ve had just two celebrity sightings. Colin Ferrel joined the Q&A for the world premiere of his new film TRIAGE directed by Danis Tanovic – a truly horrible movie – don’t look for it at a theatre near you – if there is any justice, it will go straight to video. As expected, in person Ferrel looks like sleazy eurotrash (or perhaps sleazy should just be implied).

At noon today the celebrity experience was more memorable. Michael Cera showed for the world premiere of YOUTH IN REVOLT. He didn’t say a word, as director Miguel Arteta introduced the film and no one came back for a Q&A. Still, the crowd went nuts for Cera and he applauded us back. Cera was cute and the film was lots of fun. YOUTH IN REVOLT opens in late October.

For me, Jacques Audiard’s THE PROPHET is the standout of the festival so far. Two hours and thirty minutes and I swear it gets richer, deeper and more suspenseful every few minutes. The last twenty minutes are unforgettable.

Claire Denis’ WHITE MATERIAL takes her back to Africa. It felt slightly conventional, yet the poetry of Denis is undeniable and Isabelle Huppert is her usual intense self. Denis did a great job at the Q&A, but the audience was stupidly obsessed with colonialism – the film is about modern Africa and so much more.

Todd Solondz returns with LIFE DURING WARTIME, a welcome follow-up to HAPPINESS with the characters of that film recast and moved forward in different moments in time. I haven’t seen HAPPINESS since it was released, but this film seems just as specific and just as rich. Todd’s world is Todd’s world.