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Flat Screens

September 19, 2009

Thanks to Nintendo and our friend Gordon Kaplan, the Film Forum is getting a computer upgrade. Starting this week 8 G5 Macs are rolling into the office, with 4 more beefier machines coming into the edit suite. The story is this: Gordon came to the Film Forum for the first time a few weeks ago to see “Objectified.” Afterwards he poked his head in the office and said, “eMacs! I haven’t seen them since 1999.” Perhaps he exaggerates, but, um, point taken: our computers are old, slow, subject to wobbly screens, circling beach balls when we open programs, logic board failures, and some general hardening of the e-arteries.

The first two machines were installed on Friday, and the others are coming in waves this week. But even as they come in we need new monitors to go along with them. Which brings me to this: does anyone out there know where we can get a big bunch of 19″ flat screens to go along with all that new speed? Write me if you know. We’ll all be very happy.