And Up In Vancouver…


In addition to our Local Sightings Film Festival, the Pacific Northwest region also plays host to the Vancouver Film Festival, which rivals our own SIFF for some of the years best new films. I’ll be spending this week celebrating all things local but will head up with Local Sightings juror Rob Nelson to Vancouver next Friday.

Looking forward to two solid weeks of excellent cinema. I’m including here my schedule which I’ll comment on periodically from the festival. A full list of films screening in Vancouver can be found here.

Fri: 10/9
1:30 The Anchorage
3:45 The Wind And The water
9:15 The Red Rooster

Sat: 10/10
11:20 This Way of Life
1:00 Nomad’s Land
4:00 Home
6:40 Who’s Afraid of the Wolf
10:45 Trash Humpers

Sun: 10/11
11:00 Certainty
3:20 Discorama
7:00 Porgy and Me
9:15 Police Adjective

Mon: 10/12
12:20 Around… Stiglitz
3:45 Way of Nature
6:30 Agrarian Utopia
9:00 Let Each One Go Where He May

Tues: 10/13
11:20 Genius Within … Glen Gould
2:10 Where Are You?
3:30 Bong Joon-Ho & Co
6:30 Sweetgrass
9:15 Villa Amalia

Wed: 10/14
11:00 Ne Change Rien
1:30 Empire State Murders
4:30 Cow
7:00 Eccentricities
9:45 Cooking History

Thurs: 10/15
11:00 Petroppolis + Bee
1:15 Agony of Phil Spector
3:00 White Ribbon
6:40 Redland
8:45 Material



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