Local Sightings: Local critics approve


River Ways:
“You are unlikely to see a truer portrait of what America has been and what it is becoming.” –Seattle PostGlobe

“A remarkably evenhanded (though not naive) and compelling investigation into both sides of a debate over whether to remove four dams on the Snake River in Eastern Washington.” –Seattle Times

American Collectors:
“Profiling people through their objects is a great trick, especially when the objects are as odd and plentiful and occasionally gorgeous as those found in American Collectors. If this sounds like something you’d like, you’re right, and you should go see it tonight” –The Stranger

“Respects the obsessions of those afflicted with “More-itis” without denying the entertainment value of entering the private worlds of borderline maniacs…In addition to the excellent interviews, the film is a wealth of visual delight. Hundreds of bobble-headed dolls shimmy and shake to generic metal music. A theme-park for artifacts from science fiction movies of the fifties takes up residency in a donut shop. Finally, the sight of 100 idle tractors on a plot of unbroken land is a once-in-a-lifetime vision of displaced consumerism gone wild.” –Seattle PostGlobe

Where You From:
“The documentary, which is directed by Sabrina Lee and photographed by Matthew Buzzell, has a distinct aesthetic or mood (somber snow, rural dusks, isolated farms); and the featured rappers (who are interviewed in living rooms, bars, roads) are committed to giving a realistic account of this slow and lonely world that is far from city life—Bozeman, Montana, is 700 miles from a major city.” –The Stranger

The Mountain, the River and the Road:
“A further push toward getting Seattle wired into the national community of independent film-makers.” –Seattle PostGlobe

“A low-key but impressive relationship story” –Seattle Times

“The film’s over-the-top violence makes one laugh as well as cringe, the dialogue crackles and occasionally turns lyrical, and the cast of relative unknowns carries the story’s feverish lunacy with zest and raw talent.: –Seattle Times

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