Local Sightings spotlight: A Natural Selection – Films From Portland


A Natural Selection – Films From Portland is a program curated by Local Sightings jurist Vanessa Renwick. Vanessa has joined our jury for the second year, and this is also the second time she’s presented an evening of exceptional work from Portland artists.

Last year many of those artists came up from Portland for the screening, which made for a memorable sharing and mingling of Northwest minds.

The program features work by Melody Owen, Zachary Margolis, Judah Switzer, Karl Lind, Liz Haley, Robin Moore, Alicia McDaid, and Vanessa Renwick.

About Vanessa Renwick:
Founder and janitor of the Oregon Department of Kick Ass Born 1961 in Chicago, Illinois. Film / Video / Installation artist. Lives in Portland, Oregon. A filmmaker by nature, not by stress of research. She puts scholars to rout by solving through Nature’s teaching problems that have fretted their trained minds. Her iconoclastic work reflects an interest in place, relationships between bodies and landscapes, and all sorts of borders. Working in experimental and poetic documentary forms, she produces films, videos and installations that explore the possibility of hope in contemporary society. She is a naturalist, born, not made : a true barefoot, cinematic rabblerouser, of grand physique, calm pulse and a magnetism that demands the most profound attention.

A Natural Selection – Films From Portland screens at Local Sightings Wednesday, October 7 at 7pm.


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