Local Sightings spotlight: The final night!


And it’s a good one. Playing tonight: Where You From, Shorts: Experiments in Storytelling and A Natural Selection: Films From Portland.

The Shorts: Experiments in Storytelling program is a “who’s who” of the Seattle filmmaking community, with the addition of San Francisco-based Barry Jenkins, whose one-shot film is included in the line-up tonight. Barry made the short when he was in Seattle earlier this year to present his hugely loved film Medicine For Melancholy. He’s on the Local Sightings jury, and he’ll be here tonight for the program.

(Matthew Brown, Seattle, 2009, 15.5min)
A woman, her garden, and the creatures that live within it.

The Aliens
(Sarah Ricci, Seattle, 2009, 3min)
Using found footage, The Aliens is an adaptation of the poem by poet Charles Bukowski.

(Margaritte Knezek, Olympia, 2009, 11min)
With Super-8 documentation of ancient pagan sites in England and Wales, Animateness is a personal documentary that explores spirituality and the natural world.

(Colin Cooper, Vancouver B.C., 2009, 9min)
A social misfit’s encounter with a prostitute is subjected to a fractured recollection.

Be Your (Most Attractive) Self
(Ricki Mason, Seattle, 2008, 5min)
Five girls in vintage swimsuits do calisthenics, scurry like rodents, and perform Esther Williams inspired canons amongst Christmas lights.

The Chronicles of Cleo and Jack
(Karn Junkinsmith, Shoreline, 2009, 15min)
A love story about a young couple that skateboard and dance in the streets while harassed by a pack of dancing freaks.

Anabel and My Weekend Alone
(Matthew Witschonke, Seattle, 2007, 4min)
As an essay about artistic process, social anxiety, and finding love, Anabel employs many forms of animation including hand-drawn, stop-motion, and pixilation.

(Britta Johnson, Seattle, 2009, 9min)
This stop-motion animated film follows large drops of water as they travel through rocks, ferns, plant roots, microbes and other creatures that naturally clean them.

One Shot Film
(Barry Jenkins, Seattle, 2009, 7min)
The latest in NWFF’s one-shot film project comes from juror Barry Jenkins whose short film quietly and lyrically follows a young girl as she navigates a gas station robbery.

About Where You From (7pm):
A surprising journey into rural American hip-hop, Where You From follows a beat far from the urban streets where the music was born. With dense redwood forests, rocky mountain vistas, and the dramatic rhythms of hip-hop as a backdrop, Where You From enters the lives of three extraordinary individuals as it chronicles their pursuit of acceptance, fame, and even salvation. There’s Franco from Fortuna, California, who hopes to win the top prize at Scribble Jam, the hip-hop competition that helped launch Eminem; Tommy 2 Tone from Livingston, Montana, who is fighting addiction and legal problems as he tries to make his music and become a good father and husband; and Chris from Bozeman, Montana, who is still seeking closure in his relationship with his estranged alcoholic father. Where You From is a visually stunning, provocative portrait of young men confronting small town life, broken families, and drug addiction–ultimately seeking triumph in their music.

See the entire schedule for the last night of Local Sightings here.


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