We did 69; BAM does 62


The New York Times has a great piece on Brooklyn Academy of Music’s series of 12 films from 1962. I can’t help but compare the connections made between films in the article to those we have hoped audiences would draw in our year-long 69 series (in which we have already shown about 40 movies from that year).

Here’s the great final line from critic A.O. Scott:
“But one lesson of the great films of 1962 is that the old is always sending out a few flickers of glory even as the new is restlessly being born. The moment of change is always now.

I urge you to read the entire thing, and to come to the final few films in our 69 with similar themes in mind. And you never know, it’s not too late for the Seattle press to write something up like the Times about our series!


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