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Mumblecore haters beware!  Don’t write Beeswax off as just another post-post-modern, vapid hipster flick.  Andrew Bujalski’s third feature is a quiet, mature and humorous work of art, and the critics agree:

“A remarkably subtle, even elegant movie.” -Seattle Times

“A symphony of the ordinary…If Beeswax is part of the mumblecore movement, then it is one of its highest achievements.” -The Stranger

“a near-perfect little film”

Beeswax is pushing the little movement that could into the Amerindie mainstream.” -Seattle Weekly

“It is time the world stood up and took notice [of director Bujalski” -Seattle PostGlobe

Read more about Beeswax and watch the trailer here.



Also playing this week – and at risk of getting buried – is another little gem called Guy & Madeline on a Park Bench.  I think our synopsis is a pretty good sum-up:

Godard meets Cassavetes with a little Miles Davis thrown in for good measure in a fresh take on the musical by first time director Damien Chazelle. Within the first ten minutes, we meet Guy (Jason Palmer) and Madeline (Desiree Garcia) as they meet each other, embark on a brief romance and part ways. The rest of the film focuses on the mellifluous voice of Guy’s trumpet and Madeline’s charming tap dancing, creating an ode to Boston’s eclectic jazz scene. Shot in black and white on 16mm, grainy shadows and striking lighting combine with gorgeous music and heartfelt romance in this stunning debut.

“A surprise, a delight and a whimsical experiment, it could, despite its rigorous efforts to be noncommercial, end up a bona-fide cult hit.” —John Anderson, Variety

Read more & watch the trailer here.
(Guy & Madeline is playing as part of our annual Earshot Jazz film series)

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