December’s Indigenous Showcase: Raven Tales


Please join Longhouse Media

in partnership with National Geographic’s All Roads Film Project and Northwest Film Forum for the December Indigenous Showcase on

Saturday December 19th at 5pm

at the Northwest Film Forum for the screening of Raven Tales!

Raven Tales is the multiple  award-winning series of CGI (Computer-Generated Imaging) animated television/film programs, targeted at school-age children and their families. Starring Dr. Evan Adams, of Smoke Signals fame and winner of the AIFF Best Actor Award, Raven Tales features Native American folklore developed to appeal to a broad international audience in a contemporary, humorous and entertaining way. Raven Tales concentrates on the wild and funny adventures of Raven, the most powerful, and one might add, trickiest troublemaker of Native American folklore.

The Raven Tales centers its humor on the interactions of its re-occurring ensemble cast. The three principal characters, Raven, Eagle and Frog, anchor the show and provide familiar faces and humorous antics that feature widely in each episode. Along with the principle characters are a cast of humans, their children and a group of mythological creatures whose foibles and flaws give our heroes plenty to worry about. And with 10,000 years of market research to support them, these stories are surefire hits with any audience!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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