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…you attend Rebel Without a Cause with Screenwriter Stewart Stern this Friday!

January 15 at 8pm
Join us for a special 55th anniversary screening of this classic film, with special introduction by screenwriter Stewart Stern. James Dean achieved iconic status for his starring turn in Ray’s searing study of teenage alienation in mid-century America. Rebel Without a Cause is a stylist’s rendition of the socially conscious melodrama. This anguished portrait of the American nuclear family has become an enduring emblem of the very decade it sought to question.
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Looking for even more? How about spending an afternoon with Stern, watching Rebel, stopping the film to ask questions and discuss it’s creation?

An Afternoon with Stewert Stern on Rebel Without a Cause

Saturday, Jan 16, 12–3pm
Instructor: Stewart Stern
Tuition: $25/WigglyWorld members, $30/general
Max Attendance: 48

Join Seattle’s most famous Hollywood-expatriate, Stewart Stern, for a live screenwriter’s commentary of Rebel Without a Cause. In a casual setting, we’ll watch Rebel Without a Cause and Stewart will share his stories about the film, its writing and its production.  The film will be intermittently stopped at the audience’s request to discuss specific scenes.  Though not required, Mr. Stern strongly suggests those planning to attend this event attend the previous night’s screening and bring their questions the following day.  Although born into Hollywood royalty as the nephew to Paramount founder Adolph Zukor, Stewart began his career at low-budget studios and then television before his seminal story went into production. We’re delighted to have this master raconteur spending an afternoon with us in our cinema.

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