Benefit Screening For Haiti


When we heard about the earthquake in Haiti we immediately contacted our friend Michelange Quay whose film Eat For This is My Body we screened in ALTERNATE CINEMA a few years back to see how his friends and family were. In our discussions we proposed screening his film as a benefit. He thought it was a wonderful idea and after working out some logistics, we’re pleased to announceĀ  that Northwest Film Forum joins the Haitian earthquake relief effort by hosting a benefit screening of Quay’s Eat For This is My Body Thursday, January 28 at 7:00pm. The film combines elegant lyrical surrealism and restrained fury in a political pamphlet that sends the viewer on a visceral, hypnotic trip to the spiritual core of the suffering of Haiti.

Madame has come to feed the starving black masses and they have come to be fed. This hunger, this desire will bring Madame out into the real Haiti, where she will for the first time see and hear the land and its people, smell the reality of their suffering, the reality of her own body. She will at last touch, and be touched.

Proceeds from the screening willgo to benefit the city of Jacmel, home to Hati’s Cine Institute, which was hit very hard by the massive earthquake. The Cine Institute is organizing and partnering with many aid organizations and their students are actively documenting the events throughout much of Haiti.

Tickets to the screening are $10, and additional donations can be made by clicking here. 100% of donations from our screening go directly to relief efforts and news coverage from Jacmel.

Listen to the As It Happens podcast on the Cine Institute’s efforts here.

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