Kino Climates


One section of the IFFR this year, Kino Climates, provided space for dialogue amongst small venues throughout Europe, something like a mini-winter camp for these passionate exhibitors who champion the experimental, avant-garde, and independent cinema from their region and throughout the globe. Akin to the Arthouse Convergence at Sundance, this program was specifically designed to bring  contact with like minded venues that shared a vision of what cinema could be and the type of spaces it could be exhibited in. These venues are not too disimilar to our own Grand Illusion or Northwest Film Forum, often run by dedicated staff and hundreds of volunteers whose passion provide the soul and back bone for their organizations. I spent a few days with one of those curators, Carolina Lopez of Xcentric:Cinema, who not only curates a program but also releases dvds and newprints of Spanish experimental cinema. One of her programs is currently touring the US and after some conversation, will hopefully make a stop in our cinema this summer. These kinds of partnerships are just some of the spoils of a trip to Rotterdam, meeting like minded film curators, filmmakers, and festival producers who want to collaborate and connect with audiences across the globe.

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