Canoe Way: The Sacred Journey


Puyallup Canoe Family

Screening February 20, 2010 @ 5:00 pm Northwest Film Forum (Director and some Puyallup Canoe Family participants in attendance)

Each summer, tribes and First Nations from Oregon, Washington, Canada and Alaska, follow their ancestral pathways – traveling hundreds of miles through the waters of Puget Sound, Inside Passage and the Northwest Coast during the event known as Tribal Journeys. Families and youth reconnect with the past and with each other. Ancient songs, dances, regalia, ceremonies, and language that were almost lost, are coming back.

Witness the contemporary resurgence of the cedar canoe societies and how it has opened a spiritual path of healing through tradition for Coast Salish Native Americans. This inspiring 54-minute documentary contains interviews with elders and youth, songs and dances from tribal canoe families, and powerful canoe ceremonies.

Indigenous Showcase

Northwest Film Forum partners with Longhouse Media and National Geographic All Roads Film Project to present a monthly series showcasing emerging talents in indigenous communities. This exciting program exemplifies how Native American and indigenous filmmakers are at the forefront of the industry, successfully establishing a dialogue and creating images that are challenging and changing long established cultural attitudes towards indigenous culture. For more film information and show-times, please check

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