BYDESIGN best mix tape ever


Can I just say how excited I am about this year’s ByDesign? NO of course I can’t JUST say that. I’ve got to also add how humbled and amazed I am on the occasion of this program’s 10th year! Wow- a decade! As the surprisingly young looking (just humor me) founder and curator for all these years, I’ve got to say that it really has been extremely inspiring and enlightening for me to see and share so much great work and to communicate and collaborate with so many participating artists, groups, organizations, students, teachers, weirdos, geniuses. Back when we began ByDesign, it was really the only program of its kind. It’s not so uncommon now for organizations, festivals, schools, and websites to explore design in cinema, to champion the art of the film title sequence, showcase new hybrid digital works. But back then, this was actually a tough stunt to attempt. An annual festival focused on various unclassifiable collaborations and intersections that somehow relate to design, made mostly by unclassifiable, multidisciplinary artists whom most people have never heard of, adhering to no particular genre, time period, style, or geographic origin? ByDesign is, and especially was in its early years, an experiment. A bunch of stuff assembled under one deceptively simple title. A mix tape of moving shapes and flashing colors and words and split screens and neat ideas and funky things. I am really grateful to the hundreds of artists who’ve participated in ByDesign and the thousands of you who’ve been in attendance over the years. So far, this has been the coolest gigantic collaborative question mark ever made!

BUT WAIT! Its not dead… and I’m not dead…and neither are you! BYDESIGN 10 is starting! And- oh yeah- that’s what I meant to talk about here… Can I just say how excited I am about ByDesign this year? We kick off with film title designer/director extraordinaire Danny Yount starting at 7. Then immediately following that program (9ish), drinks, mingles, short films, and audiovisual performances featuring Scientific American, Wyndel Hunt, and Iller Aint.

And then, of course, a ton of screenings and talks and occurrences over the next six days… (The Stranger says ByDesign “features a butt-ton of opportunities for fascination!”) If you haven’t already made plans then please do so > BYDESIGN 10 I’ll be at most of these so there will be no avoiding me.

Oh there’s one thing that I should make clear that’s probably a little misleading. While Chris Allen, founder of the UK collective The Light Surgeons, DID put together a special retrospective program of the group’s work especially for ByDesign 10, he is unable to attend as we’d hoped. (I think we had the language “scheduled to attend” on the website.)

OK over and out.

Charles and Ray with a can of film.


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