Win tickets to October Country – WITH directors in attendance


There are some great reviews for October Country coming in from the Seattle press this week, but somehow they missed that the documentary’s directors, Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher, will be at the screenings this Friday & Saturday!

This is an especially important detail given that the film (called, oddly enough, “first great horror movie of the decade” by Seattle PostGlobe, and “the scariest horror film since The Blair Witch Project” by The Stranger – both of whom also went on to compare it to Antichrist and BladeRunner, respectively) is about director Mosher’s own family. (The Stranger even gave the film one of their coveted “Suggests,” but not for a day the directors will be here.)

This is going to be a Q&A to remember.

As if that isn’t compelling enough, we’re giving away free tickets for Friday or Saturday’s shows to the first 10 people who answer this question correctly: The name of the film shares a title with a collection of short stories by what author?
Send your answers to by 2pm today to win.

October Country plays Northwest Film Forum March 19-24 at 7 and 9pm daily. Read more about the film and get your tickets here.


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