New on Capitol Hill: The CHS Marketplace


Northwest Film Forum has been happy to be partner with the ever-expanding blog. Those guys are always thinking of bigger and better ways to support the Capitol Hill community. And now there’s this!

Join the Capitol Hill Marketplace: The easiest way to trade what you have and get what you need in your community.

Brought to you by the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, the Capitol Hill Marketplace is where locals buy and sell goods, services and stuff, all for Dibits – the online currency that’s taking Seattle by storm.

Dibits are just as valuable as Dollars but they’re much easier to earn and spend, so all of us can trade what we have and get what we need.  And if you’re quick about it you’ll get 100 Dibits (worth $100) just for being one of the first 20 people to post an offer!

–For businesses, it’s a quick way to get loads of neighborhood customers and pay for many of your core business costs.

–For Capitol Hill residents, it’s the fast, safe and easy way to sell your stuff and buy local.

And since our Marketplace is exclusively for the neighborhood, it’s a great way to build connections and keep resources in the community.

The Marketplace is brand new but it’s already filling up with great offers:

Sign up now for your free account on <>  <> :
Then join the Capitol Hill Marketplace and post an offer for your neighbors: <>  <>

Northwest Film Forum is not yet equipped to accept dibits, but we are hoping to get on board soon.
You can start getting involved and earning dibits by signing up, posting offers and inviting your friends!


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