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From our dear friend Kathleen Murphy, please re-post!

Dear members of the Seattle film community,
It’s been suggested that we join critics groups, film festivals and many American filmmakers in making a statement about director Jafar Panahi’s imprisonment in Iran. Please read the statement below and if you support the language and the position, please let me know and I will add your name to the list of undersigned.

Please repostin other venues for it. While we may not have an impact on Iran’s government, I think it is very important to stand up for Panahi and any other artist who suffers under a repressive regime.
Kathleen Murphy

In March 2010, Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi (The White Balloon, The Circle, Crimson Gold and Offside) was arrested and locked up in Tehran’s Evin prison, initially for “unspecified crimes,” then on charges directly related to his work. Though Mr. Panahi’s award-winning films have brought credit to his native land, his countrymen have been banned from seeing his work during the last ten years. Worse yet, this outstanding director has essentially been prevented from making movies in recent years. Panahi suffers from a heart condition and there are serious concerns about his health.

Filmmakers, film festivals and film critics all over the world have protested the incarceration of Mr. Panahi, a respected artist who should enjoy the freedom to make and screen movies for the pleasure and admiration of audiences everywhere.

As members of the film community in Seattle, Washington, we (the undersigned) deplore the detention of Jafar Panahi and strongly urge the government of Iran to release him immediately.


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  1. Karin Link Says:

    Yes, I agree. Please feel free to add my name to the petition, if it is at all helpful.

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