Thanks To Everyone Who Attended Our Gala


This is a shot from the Film Forum gala last Thursday, which we held at the Georgetown Ballroom. It was oversold, the tables were close together, the bidding for items got fierce a couple of times, and the place, with the high ceilings, the crazy props (“Jolly Roger”?) and sun streaming in the skylights, seemed to make people feel as good as the wine (thanks again, Chateau Ste. Michelle).

Thank you, everyone who came, volunteered, bought, donated, took coats, entertained, and raised the paddle. And an especial thanks to Stewart Stern, our great local screenwriter and teacher, who brought us a talk to remember.


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  1. Steve K. Says:

    Great event! I would love to see the promo films that were shown at the event again. Are those going to be shown again? Are they/ will they be posted anywhere online?

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