Denis Cote’s Carcasses


I was pleasantly surprised today when I received the Grand Illusion’s email newsletter today to discover that our friends over there are premiering Denis Cote’s Carcasses. Sadly not a single paper in town covered this one, so I’m going to do my part as a film goer and HIGHLY encourage you check this one out.

The film is one of the most original Canadian movies in recent years. It opens as a documentary portrait of Jean-Paul Colmor, the unabashedly eccentric owner of a massive junkyard in rural Quebec containing just about every conceivable object, as well as the dilapidated carcasses of thousands of cars. This gnarled, rusted landscape proves to be as fascinating as Colmor himself, especially when his kingdom has some equally surprising visitors. That’s when Côté takes his film into a realm that viewers may recognize from the strangest visions of Werner Herzog, Luis Buñuel and to more recent works from filmmakers like Lisandro Alonso. Carcasses makes for an unusual journey by anyone’s standards, but it’s one not soon forgotten. Don’t miss this one, it’s a fine vision from one of our continents finest filmmakers.


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