Betty and Bass Ackwards premiere at SIFF this weekend


“Betty” (the short) and “Bass Ackwards” (the feature) play Friday, May 21 at 9:45pm and Sunday, May 23 at 3:45pm at the Harvard Exit at SIFF.

Yes, in Bass Ackwards, a man drives a ’76 Volkswagen van across America. No, the film isn’t mired with the tired mechanics of a typical “road movie.” This utterly original, lyrical, and visually exciting adventure has such a light touch that it quietly sneaks up and tugs you into an overpowering appreciation of being human.

And, no, Betty is not crazy, and the film is not really about being crazy. Betty is a story about letting go, and finding the pieces worth holding onto…with a little help along the way.

Catch actress Davie-Blue in both films! And, relish in the gorgeous cinematography of Sean Porter!

~ Heather Ayres


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