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While filmmakers in the US were making such pictures Hendrixas Woodstock and Gimme Shelter, Academy Award winning filmmaker Murray Lerner was in England trying to capitalize on the marriage of movies and music by filming what would ostensibly be the last great concert of its kind, the Isle of Wight Festival. There Lerner filmed dozens of the music worlds most talented acts.

Of his films from that time, Northwest Film Forum will screen films on The Who, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen amongst others in our series 40 Years On: Murray Lerner’s Isle of Wight Films (May 21-27). While in attendance for these screenings, Lerner will also be teaching an essential documentary workshop. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from this legendary filmmaker. A few slots are still open, make sure your one of the lucky to learn from a master.

Here are the details:

Documentary Workshop and Critique with Murray Lerner
Sunday, May 23, 4-7pm
Instructor: Murray Lerner
Tuition: $15/WigglyWorld members, $20/general
Max Attendance: 12

Legendary documentary filmmaker Murray Lerner  (Festival!, Message to Love) will be here to offer his tips and feedback for documentary producers. Murray has exposed the gritty scenes behind music festivals with a penetrating eye. It takes tenacity and courage to expose an audience to an unfamiliar reality. In this small group workshop, discuss documentary techniques and come prepared to have Murray watch a few minutes of your work to get a critique with the benefit from his vast experience.

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