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Murray Lerner disapproves of your bad cell phone etiquette

May 25, 2010

Check out our new pre-movie public service announcement, courtesy of legendary music documentarian Murray Lerner (in town with his retrospective, Murray Lerner’s Isle of Wight Films):

New options for renting our cinemas

May 25, 2010

Thinking of having your next birthday or cast & crew screening at Northwest Film Forum? We are pleased to unveil two new packages for the budget-conscious. Take a look:

With a $50 WigglyWorld membership, these rental packages can be yours!

Birthday Package:

Three hours to celebrate! Enough time to watch a movie of your choice, socialize, eat cake, bash your piñata, and have fun with friends and family

$150 for our 48 seat cinema
$330 for our 118 seat cinema

Cast & Crew Package:

You’ve wrapped your latest project and now it’s time for everyone involved to see what their hard work has done. Two hours in our 118 seat cinema provides a comfortable space to screen your latest creation. Our Panasonic DLP projector offers a crisp, bright image and can project DigiBeta, DVCam, Beta SP and Dvd.

Daytime screening (12pm up to 5pm): $220
Night Screening (5pm until late): $420

Read more about renting our space here

Job openings – reminder

May 25, 2010

Just a reminder that we are accepting applications for our House Manager position (part time, paid) and Volunteer Coordinator (4-10hrs/week, unpaid).

Full job details and application deadlines available here.

Panahi Reportedly Freed!

May 25, 2010

The AP is reporting that jailed Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi has been released today.This is wonderful news.

Thanks to everyone who kept reporting on this issue and all who signed the Seattle petition for any influence it may have had.