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Argentina Futbol Club

Singing.  Shouting.  Hysteria.  Argentina lives for futbol.  The battle between Boca Juniors and River Plate is not just about sports; it is an ever-enduring struggle for identity.  In Buenos Aires, historic tensions swell not only between legendary clubs Boca and River but among their intense followers. For these futbol fanatics, the game symbolizes strength, unity, and power in a society beset by stark social and economic divisions. Through a journalistic lens, this film provides an intimate look into Argentina and its beloved sport to reveal an unparalleled passion that reverberates far beyond the pitch.

Argentina Futbol Club was directed by acclaimed Argentine Director Juan Pablo Roubio, and co-written and co-produced by local Seattle filmmaker, Gavin P. Sullivan. Sullivan along with the film’s co-executive producer, Ben Meyerson, will be on hand for Q&A.

Argentina Futbol Club premiered at the 31st International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in La Havana, Cuba and will screen at Molodist Kiev International Film Festival, and Cinesul Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro.


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