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Slate agrees: Go see Breathless.

June 9, 2010

An article in this week’s Slate, written by Nathan Heller, opens: “Jean-Luc Godard, the New Wave doyen whose movies are distributed today in every theater where Milk Duds and Mike and Ike are not, learned to make films the way some people learn to paint: by studying the masterworks on someone else’s wall and trying to replicate them in the light of his own studio. For Godard, though, a number of the most inspiring models came not from the Old World but from mainstream filmmakers across the pond. ‘The Americans, who are much more stupid when it comes to analysis, instinctively bring off very complex scripts,’ Godard observed in 1962.”

Breathless is 50 years old now, though it is probably never going to seem 50 years old the way The Lonedale Operator must have seemed in 1961. (Note to D.W. Griffith fans; I like The Lonedale Operator. I’m just saying.) The article continues here.

Must See Film of The Day

June 9, 2010

Chicago filmmaker Ben Russell’s 2009 documentary LET EACH ONE GO WHERE HE MAY, screening tonight in STIFF, is nothing short of genius. Russell won a Guggenheim for this work which hasĀ  a fascinating premise for ethnography. Russell follows two Saramaccan Maroon brothers as they travel ostensibly the same route that their runaway slave ancestors took some 300 years ago when fleeing from Dutch slave traders. Russell and his cinematographer Chris Fawcett accomplish this feat by following the two men in a series of 13 uninterrupted, roughly 10-minute takes, mostly shot on Steadicam. The result is an oddly hypnotic movie riddled with moments of disarming beauty, and some sequences remind you that, as with the work of Jean Rouch, cinema can be an essential tool that explores ideas that traditional ethnography cannot.


June 9, 2010

Did you know the Film Forum is hosting a late-night dance party to help close out STIFF 2010? Well, you do now. Join us for a wild time beginning at 11pm on Friday, June 11 (with special guest DJ Peter Lucas in his last Seattle appearance). And it’s FREE!