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The Shorty is Google famous

June 12, 2010

"The Shorty" out front NWFF on Google Street View

So, my film opens in Seattle tonight at NWFF (a place i once slept in for 2 months during an especially tough period)  unfortunately I can’t make it as I am at home in Brooklyn.  Funny Thing; as you can see from the photo when you do a google street view search of Northwest Film Forum, “The Shorty” (the van I bought for BASS ACKWARDS) is parked out front.  Seems very fitting.  So much started in Seattle for me. Guess they took it  took it almost exactly 2 years ago shortly after I had bought it and a few weeks before I had started shooting.  Right now (the night before) I am fulfilling this blogging duty while laying next to my fiance, Liz. She has just fallen asleep on the couch as usual.  Tomorrow while the film is showing I’ll be babysitting two kids on the upper east side.  But anyway…  I’ll always remember Seattle fondly.  I made 3 films in my 3 years living there.  It seemed at times that the whole city was behind me, especially the folks at NWFF.  Dave let me teach classes to help me earn extra money in between projects. Matt would stay late to help me do work-in-progress screenings.  Adam helped me book WALKING TO WERNER at small theaters around the country.  Oh, Liz just woke up. I told her what I was doing and then remembered that Brian Miller from the Seattle Weekly interviewed me when I was in town for SIFF but never wrote the article. Hmm.  Maybe it’ll run next week. She just told me the Seattle Times wrote a nice review. Just read it. She started smiling as I read  ’cause she was happy that the review was so positive.  She has a lovely smile. I met her at Cafe Vita, she used to work there (around the time I was living at NWFF).  I had rented an office in the back. It was cheaper than getting an apartment. And I didn’t really have the energy to look for one.  I was in the middle of making GREAT SPEECHES FROM A DYING WORLD.  I didnt know how to finish it and was depressed.  So I’d wake up early and go to Vita every morning and sit there looking at internet on my lap top.  Sometimes I’d see Liz sometimes I wouldn’t.   (Turns out she was seeing someone else so that story line would wait a couple of years to play out but I thought I’d bring it up since it’s another huge thing in my life that began in Seattle.)  Anyway, I’d head back to my “office” by 10:30 cause by then everyone at Film Forum would be at work and it’d seem like I was going in to “work” too instead of holing up in my little make-shift living quarters.  I think it was obvious to most of them but I felt kind of embarrassed so I tried to keep it some-what secret for awhile. Where am I going with this?  “OMG this is just like his movie, it’s not going anywhere! LOL” Okay. Umm.  Anyway, I’m glad the film is showing on the big screen.  Even though it’s available in other ways (you can now buy the special edition dvd of my website or by emailing me directly at it is special to see it with an audience on the big screen.  Partly because, although it is a partially improvised movie, we tried to improvise visually as much as we did with dialogue and Sean Porter did an amazing job shooting the film.  It was a real pleasure working with him.  I often felt bad when I improvised a scene too slowly because I couldn’t get it out of my head how heavy that sucker was (we shot most of the film handheld for financial and aesthetic reasons.)  His commitment was inspiring.  He was passionate about me and the project I guess because I was so passionate about it.   I am still humbled by that.  That interest. As I am humbled and grateful to everyone in Seattle who have spent or will spend the time to watch my work. Thanks, Seattle.

Sean Porter and Linas Phillips shooting BASS ACKWARDS in Brooklyn