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Couple more chances to see BASS ACKWARDS on the big screen

June 16, 2010

Hello! So there’s a couple more chances to see my movie on the “big” screen at Northwest Film Forum (tonight, Thursday June 17 at 7 and 9 pm)  Again, sorry I can’t be there. I’m busy preparing to shoot a new film and babysitting by day (in my new home; nyc).  Ryan, who does press stuff at NW Film Forum, said I should mention that I’m busy babysitting in this blog.  Like as the reason I couldn’t be there. I guess she thought that was funny. I’m not sure why. I guess people think it’s funny cause I’m supposed to be some slick filmmaker guy or something and instead of doing music videos or commercials I’m busy working with kids.  If you’ve seen BASS ACKWARDS you may recall a scene where my character, also named Linas, says that he wishes he could be a filmmaker but will probably end up working with kids again. Christopher Frizelle, from the Stranger, brought up this scene and asked if I was ashamed of being a struggling filmmaker/babysitter.  I said kind of. I party quit working with kids in 2003 to focus on filmmaking.  It may sound cheesy but I felt that at a certain level it was becoming a lie for me because I believe the most important thing to teach kids is to follow their dreams and I wasnt really doing that for myself.  But yesterday I realized that I was now doing both in a way. It was a really good day… This girl I take care of and make videos with Sarah is obsessed with the Beatles. I put a video that i made of her  lip synching one of their favorite songs below. (That’s, Liz, my fiance we got to “act” in the video)  Sadly Sarah’s moving to Austin next week. I thought it’d be great to help her create her own song before she left.  So I found a friend, a musician, to write one with her. Yesterday they had a great first rehearsal of her first song; Meet Me On The Other Side Of My Life.  You should’ve seen the smile on her face.  I also got some news yesterday about the possibility of doing a new movie.  Dreams were coming true left and right.  I love seeing how excited kids get about life; it’s an important reminder.  I’m really gonna miss babysitting her.  Hope you like the video below. Email me if you wanna see the video that I’ll make for her first original song next week entitled “Meet Me On The Other Side Of My Life”  Since I didn’t talk too much about BASS ACKWARDS, I’ve also posted a video of some deleted scenes. Me and the Alpacas; shot on Vashon island at Bill Green’s farm. He is one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met. SO grateful he acted in the film.  Shout out to him too. And to Sebastien who helped me shoot out there when everyone else was busy. I wish I had a photo of him head locking one of the Alpacas that he let out of the gate.  That’s a photo I would have on my wall if it existed.  And while I’m at it Shout out to Tara Jane O’Neil and Lori Goldston who scored the film so amazingly.  Also recorded in Seattle.  And shout out to the old guy playing harmonica outside the coffee shop on Vashon.  He said his musical inspirations were Tony Bennett, Dolly Parton, and Marky Mark. “Come on! Come on! Feel it! Feel It! Feel the vibrations!”