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The 49th Best Thing in Seattle

June 22, 2010

…is US!

Seattle Metropolitan’s 100 Reasons to Love Seattle

49. Our Films Screen with a Side of Karaoke
Even a $70,000 budget shortfall couldn’t keep Northwest Film Forum from climbing out on a limb this year—the idea was too good: Create a film-and-live performance hybrid, a self-described “spectacle” where people sing and dance as an original movie screens—then allow for karaoke at intermission. For the inaugural season of Live at the Film Forum (, NWFF recruited dancer Amy O’Neal and actress/writer Marya Sea Kaminski and gave them free reign to create. O’Neal jetted to Japan to film scenes of her modern dance piece Too at a love hotel, and Kaminski crafted a docudrama about the condominium-ization of the city. Sometimes the experiment worked, sometimes it didn’t. But it was a risk worth taking.

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