D-Tour tries to break your heart


At the beginning of the engrossing documentary D-Tour, Pat Spurgeon explains that he always wanted to be a musician his entire life, to the point where he had no backup plan. He eventually joined the indie rock band Rogue Wave as their drummer after responding to an ad on Craig’s List. As Rogue Wave has had some success in the indie rock, it is everything he ever wanted.

Unfortunately, being a successful indie musician still means that you have to tour the country in a van, playing dirty rock clubs and sleeping on the couches of your fans you don’t really know. Even more unfortunate, it doesn’t provide health insurance. Spurgeon has had kidney problems his entire life and the one he received as a transplant several years earlier is starting to fail as Rogue Wave’s trajectory is trending upward. He insists on continuing touring, even though doing so would require him to regularly undergo dialysis (which is what the “D” stands for).

Read the whole preview at Another Rainy Saturday

D-Tour plays Northwest Film Forum July 9-11
, with director Jim Granato in attendance, and musician Pat Spurgeon skyped in for q&as.


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