Leon Morin, Priest matters because… Well, I’ll just let Bill White tell you


All you need to know and more about Leon Morin, Priest, which opens this weekend, is in this article at the Seattle Post Globe:

Seen from today’s perspective, Morin might be defined as an advocate of ‘liberation theology,” a term that was fairly obscure in the  states until the Nicaraguan revolution.  This philosophical marriage of Marxist and Christian idealism would have been seen as an appalling contradiction at the time, when   Christianity stood in opposition to secular humanism and godlessness was   misunderstood as a defining factor of Communism. Marx, of course, opposed the  claim of “absolute truth” from religions that contained historical variables, but was not necessarily averse to the general religious beliefs of the people, naïve as he might have thought them.

Read the whole thing here.

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