This came in too late to get in our weekly e-news, but I still wanted to share:

The Puppet-o-Rama festival is coming up fast!  It is a comprehensive festival that offers workshops, performances and  talks all by amazing puppeteers!  It runs from Fri July 30th to Monday morning of August 2nd, and takes place at the Seattle University campus on Capitol Hill.  You can sign up for the whole shebang for $227, OR, you can sign up for one of the two full days for $100 (a pretty sweet deal considering the plethora of activities you get). Even more flexible, you can just show up for a string of open-to-the-public performances, for which you do not have to have a festival pass. These are $8 for kids and $10 for adults, and look totally awesome. Below is a list of all the performances that are open to the public and you can find descriptions of all of them here:

*Friday, July 30,  9:45pm: Puppet SLAM!   (adult audiences only)
*Saturday,  July 31, 1:00pm: Rogue Artists (http://www.rogueartists.org/)  Ensemble “Frog Belly Rat Bone” (all ages)
*Saturday,  July 31, 7:30pm: Leonidas Kassapides  (http://www.kassapides.com/) “Karaghiozis Saves the Economoy” (all ages, adult themes)
*Saturday,  July 31, 9:00pm: Mind of a Snail (http://mindofasnail.org/)  “Plasticity Now” (all ages, adult themes)
*Sunday,  August 1, 1:00pm: Peter Allen/Parasol Puppets (http://www.parasolpuppets.com/)  “The Amazing Mysto’s Magic Show” (all ages)
*Sunday,  August 1, 4:00pm: Thistle Theatre (http://www.thistletheatre.org/)  “The Tale of Two Bad Mice” (all ages)
All tickets for public shows available through Brown Paper Tickets.

There is a special promotion where you can buy tickets to both of the Saturday night shows (Karaghiozis Saves the Economy and Plasticity Now) for $15! You will see this option on the Brown Paper Tickets website on your way to check out.
If you have any questions, contact Artistic Director Nick Hubbard at: artistic-director@puppet-o-rama.org


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