Announcing the 2nd Season of LIVE AT THE FILM FORUM


Northwest Film Forum Announces the Second Season of “Live at the Film Forum”

This year’s season of multimedia performances features commissioned new work from The French Project, Alice Gosti, Ezra Dickinson and Paurl Walsh and the Vis-à-Vis Society. Performances will encompass elements of dance, poetry, experimental sound, music and, of course, cinema.

Seattle, WA—Northwest Film Forum proudly announces the second season of “Live at the Film Forum,” a dynamic showcase of original new work that takes cinema off the screen and into the live theatre. The season begins September 16-18, with a new show from the music and performance collective, The French Project.

Cinema incorporates many other art forms, and for “Live at the Film Forum,” Northwest Film Forum commissions new work from artists working outside the discipline of cinema, asking only that they integrate the medium of film into a new performance and premiere it in an exclusive three-night engagement in their space on 12th Avenue.

Following the tradition established in the inaugural season, which featured multi-sensory performances by Paris Hurley, Amy O’Neal and Marya Sea Kaminski, this year’s projects will also bridge disciplines, connect artists with audiences and integrate the temporary exhilaration of live theatre with the lasting qualities of film.

This year’s lineup includes the pop-musical musings of The French Project, comfort-food choreography by the multi-talented Alice Gosti, sensory dance instrumentation from Ezra Dickenson and Paurl Walsh and a new statistical musical from the Film Forum’s longtime poetic pals The Vis-A-Vis Society. The 2010-11 season promises to be fresh, exciting and, as always, a little daring.

The 2010/11 season includes the following projects:

The French Project: The New New Wave

Seattle’s neo-French all-star music collective presents a new show that manages to balance the louche worldview of Gainsbourg, the voiceover musings of Godard and the ambition of a band of people who can barely speak French or hang on to a day job. The French Project plays music that ranges from Saint-Saëns and Debussy to Francoise Hardy and ZZ Top, and on unexpected instruments. Featuring surprise guest appearances and short films by Tania Kupczak, Karn Junkinsmith and Richard Lefebvre. Complètement en français, bien sûr.

The French Project is: Sara Edwards, Basil Harris, Erin Jorgensen and Charles Smith; with special appearances by Kirk Anderson on drums and Brendan Kellogg on cello.

Alice Gosti’s Spaghetti CO.: Something Just Happened 1:19pm

Investigating the relationship among individuals, families and food, choreographer and food-lover Alice Gosti makes a beautiful multimedia feast, performing while sitting at a table eating a large bowl of spaghetti rather than talking, eating rather than answering questions, stuffing her mouth instead of enjoying food and company. This project explores themes present in everyday life that influence our mental and physical health.

“Where ever I have lived, a plate of tomato sauce spaghetti has always made me feel at home.” —Alice Gosti

Ezra Dickenson & Paurl Walsh: Actually Really

Dancer/choreographer Ezra Dickinson and musician/sound-artist Paurl Walsh create a visual and sonic environment that is directly and kinetically linked to the performance onstage. Employing new technology, Dickenson’s movement becomes the instrument through which Walsh’s sound is created. Together they build an exciting story that explores the making of the work itself. Dickinson has worked with Maureen Whiting Company, Dayna Hanson and Zoe Scofield; Paurl Walsh has worked with Implied Violence, Degenerate Art Ensemble and X-Ray Press.

Vis-à-Vis Society: Hello, Again, Hello

The Vis-à-Vis Society debut their newest statistical musical extravaganza, “Hello, Again, Hello.” Investigating topics such as group dynamics of contagious loneliness and bioluminescence, car crashes and the time step, Phone Booth/Photo Booth Uplift Effect (PBUE) and peppy pants, the Vis-à-Vis Society will conduct live poetic research during the show, as well as present findings from the field. Using poem-surveys, graphs, film, song, dance and other traditional scientific methodologies and precepts, the Vis-à -Vis Society reveals the hidden personal through the collective. Some of their favorite instruments: overhead projectors, accordion and glockenspiel, portable record players and snacks.

Vis-à-vis Society is Sierra Nelson and Rachel Kessler, formerly of Typing Explosion

Individual tickets are available for  $15 or $12 for Film Forum members. Season passes are $50 or $40 for Film Forum members (choose from Thursday Opening Nights Package, Friday Nights Package or Saturday Closing Nights Package). Tickets will be on sale at beginning August 16.

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