The Film Forum a Seattle Weekly “best”


If anything, the economy is still worse in New York than in Seattle. Add to that the cost of housing (even in Brooklyn), and moving to NYC can seem like a pipe dream. But what about all the culture we’re supposedly missing? Not so much in the film arena, thanks to Northwest Film Forum, which imports just about every art-house title direct from Manhattan. Downtown favorites this year have included Trash Humpers (which director Harmony Korine attended), Daddy Longlegs, and Werner Herzog’s crazy My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? This Friday, Jean-Michael Basquiat: The Radiant Child opens. Tickets here are cheaper, too, than at the Film Forum on Houston Street. And though the same number of fixies are chained up outside, 12th Avenue smells lots better. —Brian Miller 1515 12th Ave., 267-5380,

This is pretty cool, even if I am mystified by Brian Miller’s insistence that the Film Forum is a haven for hipsters.  (Certainly my bike is no fixie, and it’s usually one of the only ones chained up out there.  But I digress.)

There’s a compliment in there somewhere, and we’ll take it!


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  1. Ryan Says:

    And PS – Program Director Adam Sekuler reminds me that we do a whole lot more than importing from NYC. We’ve put together several of our very own touring programs, too, and book plenty that never makes it to that gleaming gem of international culture. But hey, we’ll take the props for bringing the best of New York to Seattle!

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