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Did you know you can support Northwest Film Forum with your advertising and sponsorship dollars?

Ads can be purchased in our pre-movie slideshow that shows before every single film we play!  That’s over 25,000 eyeballs a year.
Your ad will appear in a loop along with 15-20 other slides for about ½ hour before every show.  Each slide displays for 10 seconds.

Cost: $200 per 3-month quarter; $600/year when paid in advance

Or, you can sponsor a program:

Sponsoring a program or individual film is a great way to reach a target audience.  Our movie schedule appeals to many different interest groups, such as painters, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, mushroom hunters…the list goes on and on!

Program sponsors receive recognition in our printed calendar (12,000 copies printed; 2,000 direct mailed and 10,000 distributed around the city), a slide in our pre-movie slideshow (see above), recognition and a link to their homepage from our website, verbal thanks in introductions before movie screenings, the opportunity to host an information table in our lobby during sponsored screenings, and two “admit-2” movie passes to your sponsored screening.

Not sure what program to sponsor?  Give us a call and we’ll find a good match for you.

Cost: $500 per film for one quarter (includes slideshow ad)

Or sponsor a series!

Sponsoring a film series ensures wide exposure to a varied audience.  Series sponsors get their logo on all printed materials related to the series, including postcards, posters, web pages and programs.  Additionally, series sponsors receive all the benefits of advertisers and program sponsors (see above).

Series sponsors may also get the benefit of long-term recognition, since many of our series go on to travel to other cities, and the web pages created for the series continue to be visited long after the series has ended.

Cost: $1000 per series

Or best of all, a film festival like Local Sightings or our Children’s Film Festival Seattle!

If you are interested in being a sponsor of either of our annual festivals, please contact us for festival specific prices and opportunities (ryan at nwfilmforum dot org).


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