Filmmakers: Northwest Harvest needs you


Filmmakers: Looking for a unique, dramatic, visual story to tell that will benefit a good cause?

Northwest Harvest and Emergency Food Network are out to set a new world record for the Guinness World Book of Records by raising one million pounds of food in 24 hours!!

This is a singular opportunity to capture the drama, suspense and excitement of a 24-hour quest to set a new world’s record. A million pounds of food will provide hunger relief for hundreds of thousands of people.

The event runs from 4pm, Friday, September 17th until 4pm, Saturday, September 18th, at picturesque Stadium High School in Tacoma. (Stadium High School has served as a setting for a few movies over the years, such as “Ten Things I Hate About You.”)

We realize it’s short notice, but if you’re game, we would be most grateful. To be clear, neither Northwest Harvest nor Emergency Food Network can compensate any potential filmmaker(s). This is simply to get the word out about this cool opportunity. We would, of course, provide the appropriate access a filmmaker would need to chronicle the story.

Contact: Todd Girouard, Donor Relations Manager, Northwest Harvest at 206.923.7441 or


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