15th Anniversary Scrapbook


In honor of our upcoming quinceneara, I thought it would be fun to post some clippings, photos and tidbits from the past 15 years.

It makes sense to start with a Film Forum refresher, by linking to a online version of our 10th Anniversary commemorative book, which is conveniently (if mysteriously) posted online in its entirety.

Click here to view.

This book was put together by Peter Lucas in September 2005, and has contributions by Film Forum founder Jamie Hook, former Executive Director Michael Seiwerath, filmmakers John Jeffcoat, Serge Gregory, Guy Maddin and many others.

(You can see the lineup of our week-long celebration, and don’t miss our anniversary party – which is also the opening night of the Local Sightings Film Festival – on October 1, beginning at 9pm).


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