Local Sightings Winning Films Announced


I know, I know – EVERY film in this year’s festival was outstanding.  But seriously, it’s true!

But our illustrious jury had to pick one feature and one short film from those in competition to award this year’s glamorous prizes.

This year’s winning feature film is Bummer Summer, directed by Zach Weintraub.  The winning short is The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln by Drew Christie. (The short film Famous 4A also received an honorable mention.)

Bummer Summer will return to Northwest Film Forum for a full week’s run, allowing it to get a foothold into the world of theatrical distribution, as well as full reviews by the press.  (And of course there’s the $1,000 in cash for Mr. Weintraub.)

Drew Christie will receive a $500 cash prize as well as $500 of studio time and equipment rental.



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