The 1928 Cell Phone?


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  1. Adrian Kuenzel Says:

    I think it’s…Joe Pesci

  2. Talulah Says:

    If we run with your theory of a mobile-phone-using time traveller, here are a couple of thoughts: With the rapidly changing mobile technology, a device of that shape and size would most likely be from our current generation. Mobile phones of this generation require cell towers or satellites in order to work. Even if you were from the aughts and went to 1928 as a time traveller, your phone would not work. Perhaps this is some device from the future that we don’t even know about, yet? Even more unlikely that you’d have to hold it to your ear to use it. Fun mystery, though, and I look forward to reading more theories.

  3. Thesuperc Says:

    Simply perplexing. I don’t know what to think.

  4. Michael Says:

    The video is quite perplexing:

    1) Future or alien people would surely have a more discrete device for communication (like a Bluetooth)
    2) Wouldn’t talking on some sort of cell phone draw unwanted attention to the future person or alien? They have apparently gone to the trouble of dressing in period to remain undetected so why risk walking around talking into a phone?
    3) Surely they would have known about movie cameras so why would they walk right in front of one. A 1928 movie camera must have been huge and easily spotted by anyone walking in front of it. You’d think that a future person or alien would want to remain anonymous and as such would avoid being filmed.

  5. Dane kLine MI Says:

    By now with what we know about the advancements of todays tech the first camera phone I owned was the size of a tv remote. Todays camera phones are as thin as a couple stacked coins. How can anyone say it is even a phone at all. The fact that this individual is talking to the device tells us allot. Turning the head while talking towards the camera shows man in front was not the recipient of the verbal communication. The thin shape within bent fingers suggest advanced technology for the period. Communication with the device suggest theres a recipient at the other end. The recipient would probably be within thesame period of time. Yup you guessed it walkie-talkie device capabilty in this period still suggest time travelers. No towers Please I call people without wires. email without wires. I Fly in huge metal birds. Open your mind to whats possible. The fact that this has created this much buzz and people believe the possibility tells us as people what is possible. Maybe the fact that you or someone you know or don’t know will see this and grab the Idea of possibility and invent or advance technology to achieve the impossible. One day one/some could say I travel to 1928

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