Reminder! Submit your Pocket Film Challenge‏


Pocket Film Challenge

Deadline is November 8

Northwest Film Forum announces our latest obstruction for the frisky filmmaker: The Pocket Film Challenge-a small screen, big picture experience. Filmmakers are asked to use mobile phones to shoot and edit three-minute, one-take films. One-take-films are shot without interruption, from the moment of turning the camera on to the moment of turning the camera off. Any text or music must be added using only what is technologically capable with the mobile device. We’ll put all submitted small screen images in our big screen cinema.

All films must be submitted on a disc in MP4, M4V or MOV files. All submitted works will be screened. Submissions are due November 8; screenings take place on November 22.
Participating in film challenges is a great way to expand your skills, try something new, reach out to other filmmakers and see new work on the big screen!



4 Responses to “Reminder! Submit your Pocket Film Challenge‏”

  1. Lewis Guterson Says:

    I am scrambling to put together a top notch team, technical and performing. We are on a strict budget; that is we have absolutely NO money at all. At best we can feed crew skittles and beer, if we can come to agree on what “skittles” are.

    I and my creative team, not to reveal too much, are considering a star crossed triangle in which nothing is as it seems. No animals will be injured.

  2. Joe Waine Says:

    hey guys, just finished shooting our one minute epic, starring a not-so-local celebrity. lets just say we had our camera phone on us at the right time. looking forward to the screening.

    joe waine

  3. Ryan Says:

    @lewis – are you on our callboard?

  4. Lewis Guterson Says:

    are there any more rules re Pocket Film Challenge? You speak of certain editing but have also said there can be no editing. Adding sound post production. OK? Where is the disc taken for submission? Hours

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