A real stumper – how many of these trivia questions can you get?


Whew, this quiz from David Thompson is a toughie.  But give it a go:

1. Who said, “I know things about people, Lily?”, and in what film?

2. Who played Louis Mazzini, Jeeves and Lord Byron?

3. Which actor made at least one film with Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, Rene Clair and John Ford?

4. She was born in Assam, India and he was born in Hampstead. What did they do together, and who are they?

5. What film did Upton Sinclair pay for?

6. Name a director who has filmed material from Ed McBain, Dostoyevsky and Shakespeare.

7. Who is the link in Stavisky, Reds and Beat the Devil?

8. Who won the Sarah Siddons prize?

9. Find the thread: James Jones, Michael Ondaatje, Colette?

10. Who had an Uncle Jack and an Aunt Fanny?

Full quiz and answers here.



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