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What if the only place to see movies in Seattle was the Meridian 16?

November 27, 2010

Seems like it’s all bad news for smaller/indie cinemas these days. But here’s one you can still do something about:

Seems that Seattle is experiencing an epidemic of small movie theater closings. The Uptown, The Neptune (maybe!), and maybe old news, but new to me: Columbia City Cinema is on the ropes too.


The owners of the Columbia City Cinema aren’t going without a fight, though. They’ve decided to let the community put its money where its mouth is by offering 480,000 shares of common stock at $1 a share (minimum purchase is 100 shares). The owners say they need to sell 50,000 shares by January 1 or they will close.

Read the full post here, or just go straight to the cinema’s website for more info.

There’s a time and a movie that’s just right for the atmosphere of the Meridian 16, don’t get me wrong.  And you can cynically wonder all you’d like about why these (semi) independent cinemas are in such hard times (the Uptown was an AMC Loews chain, and the Neptune (if indeed it is threatened) is part of the regional Landmark chain). But the bottom line is they are worth preserving — and you will miss them when they are gone, guaranteed.